Our Mission

To ensure everyone in Papua New Guinea especially Papua New Guinean Businessmen and women have easy access to best and affordable legal services.

Our story

The firm was estabilshed in 2017

The firm was established by Lucy Sabo-Kelis.
She had been in employment all her life especially engaging in Commercial Law areas. In 2015, she took time off work to have her first baby after 15 years of continuous employment, she didn’t know she would fall pregnant the following year. She thought she could be a stay home mum, but she was continuously being requested to provide her legal services by a number of companies.
It was from there that this firm started, some of those companies were PNG DataCO, Kumul Consolidated Holdings, Steamships, WR Carpenter Group of Companies.
We love to work, we love to see that our clients are protected in any commercial relationship, that they do benefit from those and are successful.
We want to ensure our clients are given an opportunity to speak, to be heard and if they do not have a basis, we are frank, honesty is our strength.
Our story is a story of services, we wanted to work, we are keen workers, we do not sit back and observe where we are able to help make a difference, which include identifying archaic pieces of legislation and lobbying to change them.

Our Team

Lucy Sabo - Principal Lawyer

Lucy has some 17 years of commercial legal practice in PNG. She has been on the legal team and even setting up legal section of group of companies in PNG. Her area of practice is wide, providing advice from corporate services on compliances, providing advices to companies in the resources sector, retailing, IT, restructuring, property. She had worked with Gadens Lawyers (currently Dentons), Peter Allan Lowing Lawyers and worked as in-house counsels for IPBC and WRC PNG Group of Companies, as the Board/Company Secretary and Group Legal Counsel. She has also provided her legal services to PNG DataCO, Steamships Group of Companies, Newcrest on its Lihir Agreements Review Project providing the relevant advices for the Independent Chairman and the team to guide the discussions on the Review of Compensation Agreements.

Sharon Tongamp - Lawyer

Sharon has 4 years of legal practice in PNG. She is currently in charge of the litigation files of the firm. She has a good eye for detail and provides that clarity and excellent drafting. She recently took over a file of the Simberi Gold Landowners on behalf of the Firm from another law firms and has successfully brought the litigation back on track after 12 years of litigation.